Father Dies In His Sleep From Random Falling Tree Crushing His Tent While Camping In Quebec

Humans walk around living their lives and thinking that they have total control over our surroundings. But it's tragic and sobering stories like these that remind us that we are totally at the mercy of the chaotic randomness of the universe.

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That said, most well-adjusted individuals don't hesitate to leave the safety of their home in fear of random acts of the universe like this one. But often time, when I hear a story like this, it just gives me the willies in a very existential way.

In other words, incidents like this one are the epitome of being in the "wrong place, wrong time."

Over the weekend, a father tragically died when a tree fell onto his tent while he and three other people were sleeping soundly inside. The incident occurred in the Outaouais region of Quebec, but the family was from Ottawa.

According to a source, the tree fell directly on the tent, instantly crushing and killing the man. Thankfully, the other people who were sleeping in the tent two children under 5-years-old and another man were not injured.

Although this is a very tragic story, it's reassuring to hear that no other members of the family were injured.


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