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Faulty Radars Issue Millions Of Invalid Speeding Tickets Across Canada

It seems that those laser radar guns aren't as reliable as we once thought and it's putting in doubt many of the speeding tickets that have been issued in Canada.

The radars have been proven to be unreliable depending on where your were scanned which means that millions of tickets could be deemed invalid.

In order to stay accurate, the radars have to be calibrated and tested for accuracy, the only problem is that the police in Ontario (and most likely other provinces) haven't been doing the tests. In fact, they stopped doing it 10 years ago because they didn't think it was necessary.

According to some lawyers this is basically fraud and many people have been falsely convicted. But it doesn't end there, this also means that you may have unjustifiably lost demerit points and depending on the case, your insurance might have gone up.

Basically now everyone's arguing over whether or not the calibration test were necessary. Some police officers even claim that the manufacturer removed the recommendation to calibrate the radars from the operating manuals.

Regardless, some tickets have already been contested and dismissed in the North West Territories and in Saskatchewan.

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