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MTL Blog is very proud to have had the honor of snapping Geoff Bukk for its very first iteration of "Feature Friday", which will on a weekly basis expose artistic talent, creative ideas, events on the horizon and many things that need to be in the know.

Geoff Bukk is originally from the great City of Quebec but  now calls Montreal his home. A brief overview pulled from his very own website (below) gives us all a clear view as to why Mr. Bukk is someone to be aware of as well as give out mad respect to.

"With releases clocking in on labels such as Tuff Love Dubs, Betamorph, Filthy Digital, BroTown, ATOM, Heavy Artillery and more, Geoff Bukk is skillfully and rowdily repping Montreal like no other. Thoroughly involved in both aspects of the bass music industry; on the one hand producing his own brand of distinctly heavy and neuro-influenced dubstep and bass music, and on the other, helping fellow artists get their work out to the masses as an active member of the JaimeLeDubstep.comcrew, it's clear that Geoff Bukk is truly in it for the music. Garnering support on the international front from heavyweights such as Total Recall, Reid Speed, HULK, Counterstrike, Bratkilla and Mark Instinct, he also carries along some major local love from Montreal fam including Construct, Vilify, Risk, Living-Stone and so much more. It's no surprise the city has had the pleasure of hearing him play alongside the likes of Borgore, 12th Planet, Niveau Zero, Zed's Dead and Killsonik (aka Chasing Shadows), just to name a few."

Geoff Bukk sat down with us to answer a few questions.

MTL Blog - Mr. Bukk first of all thank you for giving us some of your time, we know you lead quite a busy life.

Geoff - Ha, almost too busy for the amount that seems to get done!

MTL Blog - What have been some of the highlights of your career thus far?

Geoff - Well, as far as highlights, there have been plently. If I turn that into personal accomplishments, the one that I would be the most proud of is my recent EP on Betamorph Recordings which was a collaboration with Montreal artist Eric Clement (aka Big Sips). We had talked about it like 4 years ago when crossing paths at a few parties, and I think we both eventually thought we were just saying it knowing it was never going to happen. At some point I came up with something that we both really liked, and then it just snowballed. He's an insanely talented, and under-rated artist, and definitely deserves more attention.

Apart from that... playing Igloofest this year was pretty sick!

ref - www.ericclementart.com

MTL Blog - Whom are a few of your musical and artistic inspirations?

Geoff - Musically, as every other artist, music producer and DJ will tell you, I have too many to list, and the variety is all over the place. Like, a jazz tune from The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, for example, could inspire me to create or design a certain element that would in the end have nothing to do with jazz. I'd say most of my influences over the years have come from various metal bands though, or very instrumentally-driven music. Artistically, I will never get enough of Mathew Woodson's art (www.ghostco.org). This dude has a style like no other! I guess this can motivate people to create rather than re-create.

MTL Blog - Can you let us in on some of the current projects you are working on?

Geoff - I've been laying low lately, trying to get my focus back in line with production. I have various drum'n'bass tunes in the works, and generally deeper, less noisy stuff. I'd rather put more time into my tracks to the point where I'm completely satisfied rather than worrying about deadlines. I also have some exciting progression on a new project I have going on with Montreal's own queen of bass, Vilify (Bassdrive Wednesdays).

MTL Blog -  Are there any events you are looking forward to  over the next couple of months?

Geoff - Yea, I'm really looking forward to Vitalic who's playing at Belmont at the end of the month. I remember that being some of the first electronic music I got into when I moved to Montreal years back. Big thanks to I LOVE NEON and Mars Attack for bringing him here.

MTL Blog - If  you have any "dream scenario" DJs you would like to colab/work with whom might they be and why?

Geoff - Hmm... the first names that come to mind would be BadKlaat or Enigma Dubs. I think I'd be thrilled. Can't get enough of these guys. Some of my favorite talent these days comes from young guns like Teknian (formerly Tek9), Static Function, Dash Total'd and Phatman (alias- Demure). Nothing but quality productions, and I guess they would also be a few amongst the many that I would love to work with. Oh, and I'm pretty sure I could come up with something decently rad if I had the chance to collab with Dope D.O.D! #thinkbig right?

MTL Blog -  Now one last question and it's a big one now…Did it make you cry when Little Foot’s mother died in ”The Land Before Time” ?

Geoff - I think I was too preoccupied by trying to think of how the hell I could get myself a Petrie as a pet.

MTL Blog -Superb answer mate! Thanks so much for your time and we wish you the best of success in the future!

Geoff - Thanks, no problem.








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