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5 Important Things You Need To Know About Grad School In Montreal But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Super key.

In Montreal, we're super lucky to be surrounded by awesome, high-ranking universities that all offer super valuable post-grad degrees.

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And while the decision on whether or not to go for a graduate degree is super personal... well, the fact that we've got tons of awesome schools here makes it that much easier. 

Plus, the fact that we've got tools and conferences to help you choose the school of your dreams - like the QS World Grad School Tour, that'll bring the world's best business schools together under one roof this September 19, along with admissions directors, seminars, discussions, and panels - does help out quite a bit. 

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The QS World Grad School Tour is sure to answer all your questions about grad school. But in case you need some answers ASAP, no worries. I got you.

1. Yes, it can absolutely lead to an insanely higher salary.

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Let's be real, everybody wants to be paid more in life. Money's great, and if money's one of your priorities (come on, don't lie), then grad school is for you.

Getting a graduate degree takes dedication and a whole lot of effort, but the payoff is monumental. For example, if you've got a graduate degree and you go into the field of law, you can make about 100 grand a year. Take a deep breath, friend, and go apply to grad school... like, yesterday.

2. Getting in isn't easy as pie, but if you're willing to work for it, admission is a sure bet.

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Here's the thing about grad school - it's difficult, for sure. Grad school will take a lot of work and getting in is no different.

But it's the sort of thing that gives you exactly what you put into it. From the second you start thinking about applying, you've got to put your nose to the grindstone... but it's more than well worth the struggle, guys

And if you want any insider tips and answers on what exactly grad school admission is all about, you're going to want to check out the QS World Grad School Tour in Montreal this September 19. They'll have panels, discussions, and admissions directors from top universities across the world on hand to help answer all of your questions!

3. Grad school is the perfect stepping stone to switching things up in your life... for the better.

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Honestly, we've all been stuck in a rut at one point or another in our lives. There's nothing more frustrating than wanting to change gear, but not being able to. 

Getting an advanced degree might just be exactly the lube you need to help unstick those cogs. A graduate degree opens a whole world of opportunities, not just in the field you choose to study in, but in broader fields too... for example, even if you get a degree in management, you can still work in education, construction and much more. 

And if you need help getting pointed in the right direction, then no worries. The QS World Grad School Tour, coming to Montreal September 19, can help unpack any inquiries you might have. 

4. A degree from grad school will totally let you reach all your #travelgoals. 

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I mean, a job is great. But a job that lets you travel the world? OMG. 

Not only is getting a graduate degree pretty much an awesome way to promise future you a fantastic salary (and more money = more travelling), but it's also a pretty solid way to promise future you a position that even lets you travel on the job. (And being paid to travel = the life everyone wants to live). Don't underestimate just how far your grad school degree can take you in life, friends.

5. If you're looking to show the world exactly what kind of shining star you are, a degree from grad school will do that.

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Think about it: having a grad school degree will show all your prospective employers exactly how hard you work, how disciplined you are and how much more willing you are to invest in yourself - and the company that chooses to hire you.

Although you for sure have those qualities thanks to your undergrad, a graduate degree is a great way to stand out from the crowd. And, as we all know, in 2017, standing out is what it's all about.

Got more questions about grad school? No worries! The QS World Grad School Tour, going down at Montreal's Hyatt Regency Hotel, is here to answer all your questions, as well as put you in touch with admissions directors, discussions, panels, and more!

Oh, and PS: you can enter to get a loan of $7 million, $1.3 of which are exclusive to the QS at this event. Winning on all counts? You know it!

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For more information on the QS World Grad School Tour, check out their website and Facebook!

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