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5 Unique Montreal Ways To Celebrate The City's Artistic Creativity In May 2014

A feast for your senses free of expenses.

From May 24th to May 30th, Chromatic invites Montrealers to celebrate creative genius with seven days of ‘habitat’ themed festivities;. it's definitively going to be the summer’s opening party!

It's the perfect occasion to wear your new outfit and call your new date for an epic night of artistic pleasure. Also, with 360° on creativity, you are guaranteed to find an artwork that will blow your mind!

360 ° experience around the creation, Chromatic is a true celebration of the arts, linking multiple artistic disciplines within the same event. Their goal is to promote relations between emerging and professional artists.

Here's are 5 ways to celebrate Montreal's creativity at Chromatic:

1. Habitat Festivals runs for 7 days featuring 150 artists, a 360 ° exhibition, and more than 30 activities.

2. Discover the full potential of the city through all art forms (visual, audio, etc...). Art has no age! So there is something for everyone to everyone to enjoy.

3. Iconic location chosen by Chromatic for their 5th anniversary that needs some extra love from Montrealer’s: The Chalet du Mont-Royal. This epic terrace offers the best view in the city and yet, no art party’s were never organised there!

4. A chance to see great artists' work including:

  • LAURENT CRASTE & DPT: An epic collaboration in between ceramist and multimedia firm
  • David SPRIGGS: Blow your mind installations
  • FOXTROTT: Music so nice it will take your evening  to an entirely new level of awesome
  • NICOLAS REEVES: This crazy scientist / artists designed FLYING CUBES. (yeah, you’ve read correctly)

5. Be surrounded by creative genius...Chromatic is organised by MASSIVart specializing in the creation, production and design of events. Driven by the ambition to stimulate Montreal’s effervescent creativity and to make art more accessible, MASSIVart multiplies meeting points in the Montreal artistic scene, by creating bonds between emerging artists and the public through its events and collaborations.

Check out Chromatic's wonderful events schedule and be sure to add them to Facebook.



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