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Bureau En Gros' All-New Networking Space Just Opened, Here Is Everything You Need To Know

The new concept store will be the home of young entrepreneurs and creatives.

When you think of Bureau En Gros, you probably recall all the times you went shopping with your parents for new school supplies when you were in elementary school, or you think of them as a store that sells paper and office supplies.

Well, this year, Bureau En Gros is actually transforming into a “Working and Learning Company” with a goal of helping Canadians work, learn and grow. Think of it as a learning centre or working space which will not only sells office supplies and the latest tech products, but also hosts speakers and events that will inspire and inform local entrepreneurs.

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Basically, if IKEA and Apple had a baby, this new Bureau En Gros would be their offspring.

And this concept is being introduced at the new Bureau En Gros which is opening in Kirkland this Saturday, December 8th.

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So what’s so exciting about this new concept? Not only has the Kirkland Bureau En Gros gone through some major re-designs which includes a modern and dynamic space, but it also features 5 new zones - like the write + create zone, which offers the right tools to boost creativity; the learn + discover zone, which features a unique community space called Sous les Projecteurs (more on this below); the print + paper zone; tech + connect zone; and finally, the solution shop where you can resolve all your tech and print needs!

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However, the truly unique aspect of this new concept store is the community space which will host product demonstrations, speakers and even networking events. Spotlight or Sous les Projecteurs is basically a gathering space for ongoing learning within the store. Customers will also be able to book the space for their own events and presentations in the near future.

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And you’ll get to experience the new concept store this Saturday at their grand opening! Not only will you get to witness this unique space, you’ll also get to experience the launch of the first ever ‘Sous Les Projecteurs Speaker Series’ which kicks off with noted entrepreneur Danièle Henkel, on Saturday. Henkel, a successful business person and local Kirkland resident, appeared on Quebec’s Dans l’oeil du Dragon. 

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The store opens at 8:30 AM with Danièle Henkel kicking off the Spotlight Speaker Series at 2 PM. The Speaker Series is free to attend, but space is limited, so I recommend getting there early. Plus you’ll have plenty of time to walk through the store and really soak in the new design and interactive stations that they have integrated in the store, not to mention the in-store promotions.

They even have stations where you can test out pens, markers and even scissors, and let me tell ya... I am picky when it comes to pens so being able to test out each product in real time is a complete game changer for me.

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So on December 8th, make sure to head down to the new Bureau en Gros located in Kirkland at 16908 Trans-Canada highway. Parking will be available on site!

For more information on the new Bureau en Gros concept, visit their website and make sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook!

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