• Rent luxury clothing and accessories from designers like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Kate Spade, Free People, and more at a fraction of the cost.
  • Get 40% off your first month with select rental plans!
  • Shipping, returns, and cleaning included across Canada!

If you took a look at your closet and sifted through the clothes you have right now, it probably wouldn't take you long to find that too-small dress you bought last year and promised yourself you'd fit into. Or that jumpsuit you've never worn and only bought because it was on sale. Now think about how many times you've struggled to find something to wear to a night out, a party, or a wedding, and how much money you've spent on these modish pieces.

Clothes that sit in the back of our closet add no value to our lives. Instead, they take up space and contribute to excessive amounts of waste. Sure, you look to invest in long-term staples that will last years, but when it comes to occasions, it's easy to indulge in fast fashion that leaves your wallet empty and your closet bursting.

So what do we do when we need to find something to wear for a special occasion? For Canadians, the solution is just a click away.

Beyond The Runway is a Montreal-based subscription fashion service that lets you rent unlimited designer styles for incredibly reasonable prices. They offer free shipping and returns across Canada ('cause we all know free shipping is life) and their website is stocked full of luxury dresses, jackets, purses, jewelry, and more — all which include detailed information about the product.

You can rent clothes and accessories designed by a whole host of luxury brands like Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Kate Spade, Free People, Balenciaga, Coach, Givenchy, and much, much more!

To rent outfits and get access to an unlimited closet of seriously beautiful clothing and accessories, all you have to do is sign up with your email address and choose from one of three subscription services.

The Basic package starts at $60 and includes a one-time rental that lasts 5 to 10 days — perfect for single occasions like holiday parties or weddings (seriously, imagine you'd get to rent bridesmaid dresses instead of having to actually buy them?!)

The Silver package, which is $99/month, is a little more flexible. It lets you rent any four items from Beyond The Runway each month, which can be swapped once and then returned at the end of the month. The most inclusive package is the Gold, which, at $149 a month, includes four rentals a month that can be swapped unlimitedly. If you're someone who goes out often or doesn't like to repeat an outfit, you'll be happy to know that you'll get a whopping 40% off your first month if you choose the Silver or Gold subscription service.

Once you've chosen and paid for your rental plan with a valid credit card, add any four items to your cart and checkout. Items will be shipped to you within 1-3 business days (for most Canadian cities) in a customized Beyond The Runway garment bag with a prepaid return shipping label. When you're done looking fabulous in your luxury clothing, simply return the items using the prepaid shipping label. Then rent another four! And no worries, Beyond The Runway isn't a long-term commitment; you can cancel your membership at any time in My Account.

Beyond The Runway also has its own showroom in Montreal, where they even offer free in-house styling services by reservation. 

By renting instead of buying, you help to reduce the millions of tons of textile waste produced each year and extend the life of the clothing you wear. That, and you get the sweet satisfaction of wearing luxury items at a fraction of the cost! Visit beyondtherunway.ca and choose the subscription plan that works best for you. And renting with Beyond The Runway also happens to be super easy — not only is sign-up simple, but you can switch between plans at any time.  

Luxury dress and purse rental with Beyond The Runway

What: Browse, choose, and order your favourite luxury dresses online. When you're done with them, return with free shipping and cleaning!

Where: Online at www.beyondtherunway.ca

Cost: Monthly subscriptions start at $99

Join Beyond The Runway now to get luxury clothing at a fraction of the cost! For fashion inspo, check out Beyond The Runway's website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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