Whether you eat out in authentic Little Italy, loud and brash Downtown, upbeat Little Burgundy, high-end Old Montreal, or trendy Mile End, there's no doubting that our city is a culinary hot spot for foodies.

But as the weather gets colder, wetter, and more unpleasant, even the tastiest butter chicken curry or pepperoni pizza is unlikely to get you out of the house. But, hey, isn't that what food delivery is for?

If you find yourself not wanting to brave the outdoors (but also not wanting to cook dinner) in the next few weeks, you can get that food delivery for 50% off! 

Until November 17, foodora is offering everyone living in Montreal, Québec City, and Laval half off their favourite meals. The well-known food-delivery app has partnered with over 175 restaurants in Montreal, 30 in Québec City, and more than 30 in Laval to offer 50% off popular menu items. 

Restaurants participating in the deal include Aux Vivres, Kinton Ramen, Kinka Izakaya, A&W, Thai Express, Subway, Bols et Poké, Lloydies, Geppetto Beaubien, Poutineville, Copper Branch, Mr. Puffs, and SO many more! There's something for every palate and budget, just check the app and look for the pink "50% off" tags under the "foodoraFIFTY" section to see what's available near you.

Whether you're in the mood for a vegan-friendly tempeh burger, a big bowl of ramen, fresh donuts, or a poutine topped with mounds of Montreal smoked meat, you can order it through foodora


Price: 50% off!

When: Until November 17

Where: Montreal, Québec City, and Laval

Why You Need To Participate: Get your favourite dishes from over 235 restaurants at half off. This deal is only for a limited time, so don't miss out!

Order food you love for 50% until November 17! For more information on foodora, visit their website, FacebookInstagram or Twitter page.

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