• Go-Recell buys used cell phones and tablets in any condition and pays top dollar for most models.
  • You can get a free instant quote online.
  • Go-Recell pays for your device's shipping. No store credits, just fair market rates paid straight to your bank account.

Do you feel like the moment you buy a new cellphone, a better one has already come out?

Cellphones are constantly changing. They're getting faster, smarter and better quicker than we can keep up with. So what do you do when you no longer want the one you have? Typically, you have one of three options: Sell it on Kijiji, get store credit for it, or try and recycle it.

Or, the fourth option now made possible by Montreal-based company Go-Recell: Trade it in from the comfort of your own home and get the money you deserve for it.

Interested in selling your phone for cash right now? The process for is simple:

  • Just head to Go-Recell's website to get an instant quote.
  • Select your phone's model, condition and carrier to see the value of your device.
  • Go-Recell will send you a prepaid Canada Post Expedited shipping label and kit.
  • Once Go-Recell receives and inspects your phone, you will be sent a choice of e-transfer, PayPal, or cheque within two business days.

Then, you can use the money to buy a new device!

Go-Recell also sells used Apple, Google, Samsung, and Android phones with a 30-day warranty. 

If you prefer to sell your phone in person, Go-Recell also takes appointments for a direct sale at their 9315 Trans-Canada Hwy, Montreal location. Simply call them at 514-400-0024 at least 30 minutes in advance.

Broken screens and water damage don't matter, either. Go-Recell buys phones and tablets in all conditions.

The process is simple, quick, and completely secure.

If you forgot to clean out your texts and apps before sending your phone off, don't worry, each device will have its data completely wiped by a qualified technician upon inspection. 

You can submit a quote to sell your device 24 hours a day, seven days a week; offers are guaranteed for 30 days.


What: Go-Recell is a Montreal-based website that buys used cell phones and tablets in any condition and pays top dollar for most models.

Where: Sell your unwanted phones and tablets from the comfort of your own home by visiting www.gorecell.ca

When: Visit Go-Recell and start selling your old phones for cash today!

Why You Need To Use It: A super simple way to get a quote for your old phone and exchange it for cash. Need we say more?

Sell your old device now from the comfort of your home at gorecell.ca or buy a certified pre-owned device from a trusted source at store.gorecell.ca.

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