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It's Official, Montreal Now Has Its First-Ever "Harry Potter" Theme Escape Room

Grab your wand, because you do not want to miss this!

Omg, the dream you didn't even know you had has FINALLY come true! That’s right people, a "Harry Potter" inspired escape room has arrived and this is truly one of the most unique and fun activities for OG Harry Potter fans (and new ones too) to try out this spring. 

Via Escaparium Montreal

One of the most well known escape room companies in Montreal, Escaparium Montreal, is behind it - so you just know it’s gonna be straight fire. In fact, Escaparium has been building this escape room for 9 months! Which doesn't come as a surprise, TBH: this escape game company is known for its premium and super high-quality rooms. Although their other rooms, like their Alice In Wonderland and "Jurassic Park" inspired ones, were AMAZING, this one is promising to be even better!

The premise of the escape room, which is called "The Wizard Four and the Book of Black Arts", is that you're fresh out of magic school, and have been summoned by the grand wizard. By the time you arrive though, it’s too late and it’s up to you to save the grand wizard and his family. Along the way you’ll get a few tips... but as any fan of all things magical knows, things are never as simple as they seem ;). 

Via Escaparium Montreal

We had a sneak peak at this magical themed room, opening this May, and although it's only inspired by Harry Potter... well, it very much feels like being on set of one of the Harry Potter films! The premise and props are THAT good! The experience is completely immersive; characters will be coming to life (!); trust, this is the perfect excuse to try something new with friends and family

Via Escaparium Montreal

A lot of the experience is unexpected and unpredictable, which is part of what makes it so fun! This adventure is chock full of magic and premium special effects - it's truly like nothing you have seen before. So grab your wand, your broom and your sorcerer's stone, people, because this room will make it feel like "Hogwarts" is in session!

Via Escaparium Montreal

"The Wizard Four and the Book of Black Arts" is meant to accommodate up to 10 people and costs $32.99 plus tax for one whole hour of gameplay. And although this room is SURE to be booked solid very soon, guess what? Since you guys are the very first to know about it, you'll also be the very first to get to book this magical escape room experience! Sounds awesome? You know it!

Via Escaparium Montreal

To be the very first to book your magical, once in a lifetime experience, click here! And check out Escaparium Montreal's website and Facebook page for more information!

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