Getting a little fed up with this grey, slushy, final attempt at winter? You’re not the only one. Trudging through dubiously coloured snow and 6ft-deep sidewalk puddles for weeks on end is a real mood-killer and can leave you in serious need of a good laugh or two.


Thankfully, Casino de Montreal has come through with the goods - starting March 9, they’re putting on a knee-slapping program of weekly comedy to take you right through to spring. Every Thursday until April 20 (excluding March 30), you can catch four unique comedy acts per night courtesy of ComediHa! Club en tournée - and it’s all 100% FREE. Even parking and coat check!


Hosted by comedian and former Just For Laughs performer François Boulianne, get ready to have your sides split with the freshest in comedy stand-up. If you’re a fan of American-style comedy or spend your nights giggling away in local laugh shack, Bordel Comedy Club, this is the perfect way to spend an evening on a budget.

ComediHa! Club en tournée has been road tripping all across Quebec with a great selection of francophone, comedic up-and-comers, promising a fun, cabaret-style production that’s guaranteed to raise a smile. Sets run from 8:30 pm until 10 pm, with doors opening at 7 pm  - there’s bound to be a crowd, so get there early to score yourself a seat.

For those who haven’t been to the Casino before, you’re really in for a treat - aside from being a gorgeous golden fixture on the Montreal skyline, it’s packed full of games, bars, restaurants and live music sets to keep that grin on your face well after the show has ended.

So if you’re on the lookout for a night of all-round entertainment without a hefty price tag, ComediHa! en tournéee at the Casino is the night for you - catch them every Thursday night from March 9 to April 20 (excluding March 30) for fun-packed evenings of the best in Quebec comedy. 

Check out the Casino de Montreal website for more information or keep on top of their latest news via FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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