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This Super Useful Montreal Company Is Perfect For Anyone Who Hates Moving Day

Take the stress out of moving.

Moving into a new home is always exciting: You're exploring a new neighborhood, making new memories, and meeting new people. The actual day of moving, though, is not even remotely enjoyable. 

The words "moving" and "fun" rarely ever get put into the same sentence together, because, let's be honest, moving day is a one-way ticket to Stress City. It's a time-consuming, nerve-wracking, money-grabbing experience: Going up and down the stairs, packing and unpacking, trying to remember what box had the dishes in it. It just sucks. 

If you've ever experienced moving day, you'd know that handing the reigns to a hired professional is a much more desirable option than doing it all yourself. Luckily for anyone moving in Montreal, there's one company that will do just that for you.

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Valet Depot is a valet storage company that offers a brand new way to store items in Montreal. Need to move your things but really don't want to? They'll pick up your belongings (no need to rent a van), store them, and then deliver them back to you when and where you need them. All you have to do is pack - they'll do the rest.

And they're super cheap. Item storage starts as low as $1.70 a month, and you don't have to worry about paying for a whole unit. Unlike self-storage where you pay for the entire space even if you don't use it, Valet Depot lets you pay just for what you store. On top of that, the company will also offer free transportation costs for the first small five items you want to be stored!

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For students who are coming to the end of their apartment's rental agreement, Valet Depot is offering a discount specifically suited to you. Many of us accumulate plenty of junk while living away from home and going to school, so when it comes time to move out, we usually have more useless stuff than we did when we moved in.

The company's student discount alleviates the pain of having to ask mom and dad to come help move it: meet the company at specific locations downtown and drop off your stuff. They'll store it for the summer/however long you need and then they'll return your things to any personal address around the city. They'll even supply the boxes!

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Your things will be stored in a secure storage facility in Montreal, and whenever you want them back, Valet Depot will meet you at your doorstep. They have three promotion packages right now - the basic, which includes two medium-sized bins and one large suitcase - is currently on for $8.75 a month. For bigger loads, they have the deluxe and premium packages which cost respectively $40 and $75 for the four-month period

Have a few annoying bulkier items you want out of your way for a while? Things like beds, mattresses and couches will cost around $10-15 a month. You don't have to worry about hiring movers or a moving van to get them out of your old apartment, and there's no need to sign a yearly contract. Store for a few weeks or a few months - it's completely up to you. 

Visit Valet Depot's website to place an order, or visit their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for more info.

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