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Feline Wine Is Now A Thing

A new Japanese 'wine' beverage designed solely for cats.
Feline Wine Is Now A Thing

Cat lovers can now enjoy a glass of wine with their feline friend thanks to the new Japanese product 'Nyan Nyan Noveau,' literally marketed as wine for cats. Pet product company B&H released this new and kinda crazy product this week, marketing it to the growing cat-lover market in Japan (there are actual cat cafes) and crazy cat ladies worldwide.

The name 'Nyan Nyan' stems from the Japanese equivalent of 'meow,' or people having sex. I'm hoping its a double entendre for how drunk kitties like to get bizzy. 'Noveau' is likely a reference to 'Beaujolais Noveau,' a popular red wine in Japan. Despite the marketing and name, Nyan Nyan Noveau doesn't contain any actual alcohol, and is instead a drink for cats made from Cabernet grapes and catnip. So no cats slurring their words, hooking up, and getting into bar fights, which we were all looking forward to. At least all single ladies/guys who are married to their cat can finally share a drink on special occasions.

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