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Ferrari Ridiculed After Posting Image Of 'Montreal' Showing Toronto Skyline (Photo)

Well, that's embarrassing.
Ferrari Ridiculed After Posting Image Of 'Montreal' Showing Toronto Skyline (Photo)

The racing division of the famous Italian car company, Ferrari, was ridiculed online Tuesday after it tweeted about this weekend's upcoming Formula One race in Montreal using an image of downtown Toronto.

A 38-second clip viewed more than 47,000 times and tweeted by Scuderia Ferrari includes the words "Montreal, Canada" over video of the CN Tower, Lake Ontario and the densely populated core of Canada's largest city.

Online ridicule ensued, with people responding to the tweet with images of Mercedes-Benz race cars under the Ferrari logo and other Internet memes making fun of the company.

Via imgur

As of Tuesday evening, the tweet had about 900 likes and remained on Ferrari's Twitter page, seven hours after it was originally posted.

They have since posted a new tweet with the proper image. 

You spotted it immediately! Sorry guys, we posted the wrong video, here is the right one. Enjoy the #CanadianGP!

June 6, 2018

The Canadian Grand Prix takes place Sunday in Montreal.

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