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Ferrari Used Marijuana Leaves Instead Of Maple For Their Montreal Grand Prix Poster

Social media stupidity, x2!
Ferrari Used Marijuana Leaves Instead Of Maple For Their Montreal Grand Prix Poster

Well...try, try again - and again, apparently. 

Today marks the beginning of F1 Grand Prix weekend in Montreal - and the world is watching. The event is huge, draws thousands upon thousands of spectators - both local and tourists, alike. 

Every year the world watches closely as the races go on throughout the weekend and come to close on Sunday.

This past week, Italian car company Ferrari was ridiculed online after posting a video of Montreal's Grand Prix events that was very obviously a video of Toronto and it's iconic skyline featuring the CN Tower. 

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Today, it seems they've done it again to some degree, and I'm just sitting here wondering who the hell is running their PR - cause this is just getting silly! 

Ferrari posted this poster of Montreal, Canada's F1 Grand Prix weekend to social media, and maybe they're currently living under the microscope - but myself, and hundreds of others have caught something on this poster that looks a tad bit questionable. Let's see if it jumps out at you, too! 

Check out this Ferrari F1 Grand Prix poster:

Via Reddit

So, what do we have here, Ferrari? Is it possible that people in Italy (or wherever their PR person resides) do not understand what a Maple leaf is? I mean, it's not like its hard to find! 

Now, I know we're super close to legalizing marijuana in our country, and believe me - I am SUPER excited about that, as many Canadians are - but this is just excessively ridiculous, Ferrari. Get it together! 

Those are clearly not Maple leaves, the iconic symbol of Canada that is on our country's flag. Those are cannabis leaves! 

Guys, one problem. #F1 #Formula1 #Ф1 #Формула1

June 6, 2018

Ferrari has just become the butt of every Canadian's joke! 

Is this the kind of maple @ScuderiaFerrari has been smoking to mistake Montreal and Toronto? I hear it’s getting legalized soon.

June 7, 2018

I mean, at this point it is clear that whoever is doing this work over at Ferrari is extremely ignorant about Canada, and super out of touch. I think someone might be getting fired real soon! 

I am sure the Ferrari will issue an apology, pull the poster and offer up some new one trying to scrub this from their reputation online, but sorry guys - the internet is forever! 

Did @Ferrari use weed leaves in this #Canada poster? I mean, I'm not mad.

June 7, 2018

Now, the mix-up on the F1 video they posted featuring Toronto was a tough hit. Montreal is not Toronto, but this one, this is just comical! 

Way to go, Ferrari - clearly someone has been smoking on the job. 

Here is what Ferrari had to say about their other mistake on social media. 

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