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Montreal Is Hosting A Free Video Game Event That Will Take Over The Entire City In 2016

Every type of gamer lives in Montreal. Veteran gamers who still own an NES, video game professionals who actually create titles, casual players who almost never play, DDR-arcade addicts, little kids who adore Pokemon; you name the gamer and you can rest assured they're in Montreal.

And with the city's inherent gaming-diversity, it's difficult for any one event to cater to each gamer-strains's interests. Usually, events resonate with a particular type of gamer, and so exclude all the others who may not be familiar with the title or console chosen for the event.

That is, except for Festival Montréal joue, the largest gaming event hosted in the city.

Now entering its fourth edition, many may remember Festival Montréal joue from years past. Usually held in late Febuary, and lasting until early March, Festival Montréal joue coincides with Nuit Blanche, adding a plethora of installations for those who perfer the arcade to art.

Festival Montréal joue 2016 won't be too different in terms of scheduling, as the gaming event will once again partner with Nuit Blanche and stick to the same time-table. But that doesn't mean the video game festival isn't upping its game (pun!) in a big way this year.

Over 200 activities in 80 different Montreal venues will be showcased during Festival Montréal joue 2016, with some of the more notable gaming sites being the Grande bibliothèque (Les Bibliothèques de Montréal is a featured partner of the event) as occurred last year. Personally, I'm pretty excited about that, because when else do you get to game in a library?

Unfortunately, we can't tell you too much about on the specifics of the 2016 edition of Festival Montréal joue, as the official schedule has yet to be released. You can, however, bet on tons to do, and oh-so-many games to play.

To get more info and updates on Festival Montréal joue 2016, going down February 20th to March 6th, check out the official website here. You can also check out the promo video from last year's event, which should give you a pretty good idea of how this year's festival will play (pun! again!) out.

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