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Find The Best Montreal Donut Shops With This Map

Photo cred - Chez Boris

Never, ever, be without the delicious and devilishly delectable delight of a damn good donut in Montreal, thanks to the new app Doughbot.

Integrating user reviews, details on specific bakeries, and your specific location in Montreal, Doughbot will find the closest doughnut shops to you with plenty of details so you can choose the best fit for your taste buds.

A simple and sleek interface will get you downing doughnuts in no time, and with the many down right delightful doughnut shops in Montreal (Leche Desserts, Chez Boris, Café Sardine, and SO MANY MORE) and all of North America, you'll be using Doughbot more than your hips will like.

Priced at $0.99 and only available for Apple products (thus far) there is a slight downside to Doughbot. But then you just need to remember "it's mothertruckin' doughnuts" and you'll nut up and pay the buck.

Get all the info at the Doughbot website or if you've already made up your doughnut-dazed mind (like us) just go download it at the App Store.

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