First-Ever Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar In Quebec Opens Near Montreal

*not Delicha pictured above

Ice cream just got a lot cooler, literally and figuratively, thanks to the opening of Delicha, the first liquid nitrogen ice cream bar in the province. A delicious form of science, Delicha will let you create your own ice cream for an unlimited amount of flavour combinations.

In seconds, an ice cream created to your exact specifications can be created through the intense cold of liquid nitrogen. At a temperature of negative 196 degrees celsius, the liquid nitrogen transforms a liquid ice cream base into a solid in an instant. Choosing between mix of ice cream bases (including vegan-friendly soya) and over 25 topping choices, ice cream lovers of all sorts won't be disappointed.

Delicha is located on 5961 Cousineau, in St. Hubert near Longueil, so it's a bit of a ways out of the city, especially if you don't have a car. Still, it'd be worth the trip to have ice cream created right in front of your eyes.

Find out more about Delicha ice cream at the parlour's FB page here.

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