First Ever Montreal-Style Bagels Shop Opened In Scotland

Just like St-Viateur and Fairmont.
First Ever Montreal-Style Bagels Shop Opened In Scotland

A Montreal native refused to let the wine-dark sea stand between her and the bagels she grew up loving.

Larah Bross is responsible for opening the first traditional Montreal bagel shop in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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After moving across the pond, 12 years ago, with her Scottish food photographer husband, she found herself suffering from pangs of separation anxiety.

The result is Bross Bagels.

However, she isn't the only one.

Two Australians have set up their own Bagel establishment in Melbourne, called Mile End Bagels.

Michael Fee and Benjamin Vaughan decided to bring this Montreal staple to their native country, a year-and-a-half ago.

Unable to get St Viateur to share its secrets, Fee worked at bagel shops in the US that used a similar wood oven.

To make their bagels as close to the Montreal version that they grew to love, they hired the same Canadian stonemasons who built the ovens at Fairmont Bagels and St-Viateur Bagels.

They say they have received positive feedback from Montrealers visiting or living in Australia.

Ironically, both St Viateur and Fairmont have been at the centre of a controversy in the recent past.

Mile End residents have expressed concern about the potentially carcinogenic wood smoke emissions emanating from the bagel shops.