First-Ever Pokémon GO Dating Service Coming To Canada

Let your inner Brock out.

At this point, I don't even need to tell you how popular Pokémon GO is - not just in Montreal, but in the whole world. Some people have been making money off of it, some people have been using it as an exercise routine, some people have been taking it just a tad too seriously... But so far, we haven't heard of anyone using it to find love.

Until now.

PokéDates is a brand new app that aims to bring Pokémon Go players together, literally. According to Business Insider, the app asks you a few questions about yourself, matches you up with someone you'd get along with, and sends you to Poké Stop or Gym in order to meet up.


From there, you can embark on your PokéVenture together, catch some Pokémon, catch some feels, and live your best lives.

 Although it's released only in the States for now,  it might soon experience a global rollout, according to Business Insider. Here's hoping, friends, Here's hoping.

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