First-Ever Quebec-Made "Supercar" Spotted Downtown Montreal (Photos)

Montreal during Grand Prix Weekend is known for having the coolest cars on Earth come down to our neck of the woods to show off their stuff. From Lamborghinis to Ferraris and everything else in between, it's a real treat for your eyes while simultaneously reminding you just how poor you are.

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That being said, this one definitely takes the cake. Not only are there 6 sold in the world, but the company has been dormant for a few years which means they're planning on making a comeback. That's some awesome news because take a look at this absolute pearl:

It's got a ridiculous 6.2L V8 engine with 1100hp and, with an upgrade to the 1300hp engine, it can achieve the power-to-weight ratio of an F1 car. They even appeared on Dragon's Den and are planning on a limited release of 99 cars in total.

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Needless to say anyone would be lucky to have a beauty like this and as if it wasn't cool enough, it also made an appearance in the racing game Asphalt 8. If there's any news on sales or if they're spotted again we'll be sure to let you know 

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