First Glimpse At Montreal's New Champlain Bridge (10 Photos)

Montreal has been building the new Champlain Bridge for almost 2 years now and it's supposed to be completed by 2018. And last month, the steel box girders were finally delivered to the work site.

Once assembled, these girders will make up the base layer of the bridge. More steel will have to be added, followed by concrete slabs and a final pavement overlay.

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It's a big step, because up until this delivery, most of the work was focused on the foundation pillars. But now, workers can start assembling the actual deck of the bridge.

The bridge will be made up of 600 of these box girders in total. Each one weighs about 80 metric tons.

Here are some more photos and videos of the bridge being built:

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Here are some photos of what the bridge will look like when it's done:

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