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First Photos Leak Of The All-New iPhone 6

The apple falls far from the tree and onto the internet.
First Photos Leak Of The All-New iPhone 6

Somehow, someway, TMZ has gotten their hands on a new iPhone 6, which isn't set to be released until next month. Maybe they outsmarted some Apple Genuises (if that's possible) or actually broken into the manufacturer's factory. No matter the method, the results remain the same: pics of the new iPhone 6.

The alleged brand new iPhone model was apparently stolenout of a Foxconn factory in China where most iPhone are made. TMZ's source said his friend, an ex-Foxconn employee, got him the goods.

According to TMZ's source, the new iphone runs on Apple IOS, is a lot lighter, and seemingly has a new sensor on the front of the phone, for an as of now unknown purpose.

Rumours swirling around the iPhone new features abound, and if any are to be trusted, the new sensor could be part of the new and improved home button, which is said to "be replaced with multi-gesture touch support at the bottom of the phone" with the entirety of the bottom screen being "tappable" according to MacWorld.

We can't tell much from the photos and the vague descriptions given by TMZ's source, but if these pics are legit we can at least say the new iPhone looks to be a lot thinner and lighter. That's one rumour (of many) kinda confirmed. Guess we'll have to wait until September to find out about everything else.

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