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10 Unique Ways To Get Your Summer Body In Montreal Without A Gym Membership

Or running up the mountain.
10 Unique Ways To Get Your Summer Body In Montreal Without A Gym Membership

Since the warm-ish weather reared it's head, one thing has been on everyone's mind: summer. And for all of us obsessed with beachwear, looking good, and being fit (which, for better or worse, is most of us), thoughts of summer come hand in hand with the summer bod.

We're comfortable in recognizing our vanity (or at least, I am) and while you should have been working on your summer body months ago, there's no time like the present to start.

But some of y'all may not enjoy the gym, which can be a bit oppressive and filled with intimidating fitness-freaks, so below you'll find some alternative (and way more fun) ways to get fit.

Of course, we're hoping you have aspirations to become more physically fit than solely striving for a thin beach bod (because the former is far more mentally healthy), but whatever your motivation, reach your goals with the ten unique ways to get a summer body in Montreal without the gym found below.

Work Out At A TrekFit "Playground"

Playgrounds aren't just for kids to have fun, because some are for adults to get deezed. Well, at least TrekFit park-gyms are. Veritable playgrounds for adults, TrekFit brings the gym outdoors, allowing you to enjoy the sun and warm weather (they are coming, just give it a little longer) while working out. Every TrekFit is designed for weightless workouts too, so no equipment required other than your body.

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Get Your Swimsuit Bod At A Mermaid Class

Aquamermaid made some serious waves (both literal and figuirative) when it opened last year, and the veritable "mermaid school" is still offering Montrealers the chance to don a fish tail and get fit. Fitness is actually at the core of what Aquamermaid does (it's not just for little girls with Ariel-fantasies) so do expect a solid workout.

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Dance Off Calories At Studio88 Swing

If you've ever wanted to learn how to jive like a swing dancer, head to Studio88 Swing, where they've been teaching Montrealers to Lindy Hop and Jitterbug for years. Best of all, not only will you be adding a new dancing style to your repertoire, but all that motion is a really solid way to get fit without even realizing it.

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Try Out A Pole Fitness Class

During undergrad, I had a lovely friend who installed a fixed pole in her living room, not for stripping purposes, but for keeping fit. I was kind of skeptical of the practice (as many likely are) but after trying to perform a few moves, I realized just how much of a workout pole dancing can be. A serious full-body workout (especially in your core muscles), a pole fitness class is a rather strange way to get fit, but entirely effective.

Pole Fitness Montreal, Alternative Fitness, and Milan Pole Dance Studios are among the most popular if you're interested in taking a class.

Get Energized At Montreal's Urban Acrobatic Park

Once the weather warms up you can look forward to Montreal's only urban acrobatic park, Parc Exalto, opening up. Acrobatic trails are set up for you to conquer inside of the Exalto complex (which is housed at the Olympic Park) along with bungee trampolines, trapeze areas, and two zip-lines.

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Ride The Wave At Oasis Surf

An indoor surfing centre in Brossard's Dix30, Oasis Surf may not be in Montreal proper, but it's a really solid way to get a workout while having fun. And if you're still not convinced, just think how damn fit every surfer you've ever seen looks. Why is that? Because they're surfing all the time, and Oasis is pretty much the only place you can get that kind of workout in Montreal all-year-round.

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Become As Fit As A Circus Performer At Trapezium

Located on Saint Denis street, Trapezium gives you the chance to fly like a circus performer on a suspended trapeze. The first of its kind in Montreal, the indoor flying trapeze center is equal parts fun and strenuous, ensuring you get a major workout while soaring through the air like you always dreamed of as a kid.

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Rock Climb At Allez Up

In my many years of working out/maintaining a fairly good fitness level, no activity has given me a better workout than rock climbing. A serious test of strength for almost every muscle group, rock climbing ensures your entire body is getting put to the test. There are a few options when it comes to indoor rock climbing spots in Montreal, although Allez Up tends to be the most popular and reputable.

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Bounce Your Way To Fitness At ReboundFit

Miss the days of joyfully jumping on a trampoline as a kid? Relive that magic at ReboundFit, where jumping about on a mini-trampoline is at the core of every fitness class. A low-impact (but entirely effective) way to workout, a ReboundFit class is perfect for any age group.

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Jog-Dance At The Night Nation Run

What happens when you combine a 5k run with an EDM rave? You get the Night Nation Run, obviously. Going down this summer at La Ronde, NNR gives you the chance to get fit and party at the exact same time, with live DJ sets strewn about the 5k track, with afterparties to enjoy afterwards. You've definitely never gone for a run like this before.

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