5 Fantastic Montreal Food Spots To Eat For Under $5

Eating cheap doesn't always have to result in a Subway sandwich or a Mcdeal of sorts. Us starving youth need options, and thankfully Montreal has plenty low priced but high quality food joints to fill our bellies. Here are five great food options where you can have a legit meal for only five dollars.

Vietnamese Sandwiches at Vua

Known as Bánh mì to those who can pronounce it, Vietnamese sandwiches are an awesomly affordable way to get full. Tons of varieties exist, from shredded pork to vegetarian, and some vendors even do a cool spin on classic european sandiwiches. Priced at just under $4 for a ten inch sandwich, you definitly get bang for your buck. Vua on St.Denis and ontario is the famed go-to spot which features a ton of other affordable treats.

Hot Dogs at Montreal Pool Room

A classic dive, the Montreal Pool Room doesn't really do pool anymore, but on the bright side it does serve up very cheap and delicious hot dogs. The original steamed hot dog joint in Montreal, the Pool Room is dirt cheap ($2 dogs!) and also hosts some very interesting clientele, like the friendly blokes at Cafe Cleopatra just across the street

Deli Sandwiches at Super Sandwich

Hidden in the basement of the Le Cartier complex is the deli-dep Super Sandwich. No sandwich is priced above $4 and all are served on a warmed french bread roll, condiments included. A dollar will get you extra meat and its 50 cents for cheese, so a nice variety can be tasted while still being under five bucks. Great for McGill students or anyone looking for a fast and affordable sandwich.

Burgers at Patati Patata

The fries and poutine of Patati Patata are great, just don't overlook the $2 hamburgers. Okay, they're a little small, but you can still get two and stay in budget, Plus they're freaking delicious!

Empanadas at La Chilenita

For only $2.75 you can get an authentic empanada at La Chilenita on Napolean and De Bullion. A solid list of both meat filled and veggie empanadas grace La Chilenita's menu, so any diet will be accomodated. Go in with a couple friends since they're are price breaks with the more empanadas you order!

There you have it cheap skates, five food spots that will keep your belly and wallet full. Got a place that's just as delicious and affordable? Let us know in the comments below.