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'Fixed Gear In Montreal' Will Inspire You To Bike All The Time

Rider Ros-B gives us a glimpse into the life of a Montreal stunt biker.
'Fixed Gear In Montreal' Will Inspire You To Bike All The Time

Mornings are rough. Groginess, hunger, and disdain for the work day are all fused into the one instant when you just roll out of bed. Needless to say, some of us are pretty slow moving in the morn, as we struggle with being awake, at least until that first cup of coffee. The same cannot be said for skateboarders and stunt bikers of Montreal.

If you think skate park frequenters don't get a lot done in their day, 'Fixed Gear in Montreal' will prove you wrong. Directed and edited by Charles Delisle, the video features rider Ros-B, from the moment he wakes up and starts riding. No time is wasted as Ros-B puts on pants, eats some eggs, and immediately hits the city streets. A much more productive morning than we can claim. See for yourself.

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