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Flights From Montreal To Toronto Are Now Cheaper Than VIA Rail Tickets

The most efficient mode of travel!
Flights From Montreal To Toronto Are Now Cheaper Than VIA Rail Tickets

Travelling between Montreal and Toronto is something that many people (not only Montrealers) tend to have to do. Whether it's for business, going on vacation, or visiting family you're probably going to make this journey at least once.

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People tend to opt for VIA Rail over driving there yourself or taking a bus as the route is pretty scenic and the train tends to be pretty comfortable for the duration of your ride. What you don't realize until it's too late is the insane price a roundtrip is, not to mention the SEVEN hour travel time it takes for you to get to your destination. Seriously, there has to be an easier way to get between these two major cities, right? 

As if our prayers for more accessible transportation between the provinces was heard, there is actually a super simple way to travel from Montreal to Toronto or vice versa without the hassle of through-the-roof prices and extended periods of travel.

Air transportation. That's right, taking a plane is probably the best thing you can do for your wallet. If you do a bit of looking around for deals, a roundtrip from Montreal to Toronto can be as little as $130! SERIOUSLY! All this money spent on one train ride when you could have literally flown back and forth between the cities as least a couple times.

Via skyscanner

It gets even better when you realize how short the flight actually is. Unlike the full-day event taking a VIA Rail train is, a flight can be as little as an HOUR long. Why didn't we know about this sooner?!

Just make sure you plan your flights during the off season, beacause that's when you'll be able to get the best deals possible.

For more information on flights and amazing prices, click HERE.

Safe travels, Montreal!

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