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You Won't Believe What The Inside Of This Plane Looks Like

Plane porn at its finest.
You Won't Believe What The Inside Of This Plane Looks Like

Hennessy, chef-made meals, thousands of TV channels, and a personal mini-bar. You'd think I was describing some sort of heavenly man-cave, but all those features of fine living are found on a plane. The first class section of an Emirates plane, to be exact.

What we would give to live on an Emriates plane. Seriously, Emirates takes luxury to the max, with their A380 and A340-500 planes equipped with everything you would ever need, on or off the ground. We're pretty convinced Emirates' first class options are better than every apartment in Montreal, which isn't an exaggeration when you see what the airline provides for its first class fliers.

A sample of what's in store for those lucky/rich enough to enjoy a first class flight with Emirates include a private lounge equipped with a fully-stocked bar, your own personal mini-bar by your seat, 2,000 channels of movies and shows on your personal TV, an entire menu of meals prepared by professional chefs using locally grown ingredients, and a fully-functional shower spa.

All in all, a first class flight with Emirates is the epitome of extravagance. See for yourself through the images below.

This one pass gets you...

Entry into the first class lounge, to relax in luxury before the flight

Photo cred - Bill Holler

Your own personal rec room, with everything you could ever need

Photo cred - LuxuryLaunches

Access to the Emirates A380 Business and First Class Lounge

Photo cred - Emirates

Some of many first class meals

Photo cred - DietWagers

And a freakin' shower, 40, 000 feet in the air

Oh yeah, and the seats turn into legit beds!

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