Food Trucks Will Be Cheaper In Montreal This Summer

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Food Trucks Will Be Cheaper In Montreal This Summer

Street food is super popular in Montreal, and for good reason. You can go out for a stroll and enjoy your food in the outdoors. Plus, food trucks are always up and coming with the best food trends.

Also, finger foods are just awesome. Period. 

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And now, they'll be easier to access and the food is going to be less expensive. This summer is going to be freaking awesome!

Even though First Fridays are what really gets food trucks their reach, seeing mobile restaurants pull up near the office honestly always makes my day. 

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Summer 2017 was a hard time for street food vendors. The rules were too strict, so they weren't able to give us what we wanted as easily.  As soon as it's easier for them, they will without a doubt get business. Montrealers love their food trucks!

The City of Montreal realized this and decided that they needed to make some changes in order to keep this up-and-coming industry above water. 

Basically, there are three things changing this year: trucks will be allowed back to the same place more frequently, tariffs will be uniform, and the selection committee is being abolished. 

That means that there won't be such an intense screening process for food truck vendors. Instead, they just have to fill out a form that prioritizes certain elements over others. And I think you'll be pleased to know what they prefer.

Priority goes to meals that are homemade, cost $7 or less, and use biodegradable and recyclable packaging. That sounds good to me!

Here are the most popular locations for food trucks: 

Place d'Armes

Square Victoria

Place du Canada

Cité du Multimédia

Here's everywhere else you can see them:

Gare Windsor

Musée McCord

Parc du Mont-Royal

Quartier de la santé CRCHUM

Square Philipps

Quartier chinois

Imperial Tobacco

Musée Mc Cord


Gare Windsor


Quartier chinois

Maisonneuve Rosemont

Parc Olivier Robert

Métro l'Assomption




Cité des ondes

Espace affaires Rosemont

Père Marquette

Musée Pointe à Callière

Secteur Atlantic

Parc Raoul Dandurand


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