Just in case anyone loses their minds about how I spelled "macarons", no it doesn't not take two O's. You're thinking of "macaroons", which are these ungodly coconut crap nuggets.

Macarons are these tiny designer pastry sandwiches that comes in a million different flavors.

With so many variations, it's sometimes difficult to choose which ones to try. (except for the Straberry/Basil ones, don't ever eat the Straberry/Basil ones) Well you can forget about that problem, because once you see these macarons they will be the only ones you ever buy.

These are known as Macaronuts, because why bother inventing something new when you can just combine 2 things that already exist. Like Cronuts.

Photo cred - pinterest

They were invented by a French pastry Chef named François Payard and they are the ultimate blend of French and American culture. Plus they're f**king adorable!

These wonderful creations are gaining popularity quickly, so it's only a matter of time until we start spotting these everywhere in Montreal.

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