Photo Cred - MadHatters

Montrealers are pretty brave when it comes to food. You can give us breakfast poutine, and smoked meat sandwiches the size of our head, and we won’t bat an eye. That's why new and fresh food creations are so exciting to us. We’ve seen it all and we need something to shock us. Now, Mad Hatters has done just that with their Lobster Mac & Cheese.

Mad Hatters, a bumping pub in the downtown Montreal area, has recently released a dish you didn’t know you needed. Mac and cheese meets lobster. It sounds crazy, but from what we can tell, this combo will be off the chain.

The creamy cheesy goodness, matched with a succulent lobster tail is an idea created by the gods. With a side of garlic bread and freshly squeezed lemon juice to top it all off, the Lobster Mac sounds utterly mouth watering. If you’re interested in trying this out, or any other of Mad Hatter’s unique creations, mosey on over to their Facebook page right now!

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