Capturing an image of delicious food is nearly as difficult as cooking the dish. William Matthew Vale, a 21-year old Montreal student and chef, is an expert at both, able to create delicious dishes and take beautiful photos to showcase his cooking. Vale compiles his meals and photos in his food blog The French Cuisse, a culinary portfolio of sorts that is a true feast for the eyes.

“French Cuisse started out as a design assignment for my brother that explored matters of sustainability, notions of slow food and mindful eating. We went to the market, bought the freshest ingredients we could find and cooked meals that were local and inspired by Québecois cuisine.”

Preferring to cook at home rather than at a restaurant, Vale uses French Cuisse as an outlet for his culinary endeavors. Keeping it simple, as Vale dislikes the complex preparations and photos of food in the mainstream culinary world, all of Vale's photos are natural, colourful, and entirely enticing. French cuisine is a definite influence on Vale's work, but he is not afraid to branch out, crafting dishes inspired by Asian, American, and Québecois cuisine. Get a glimpse of Vale's work below, and don't get too hungry.

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