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New Montreal Independent Coffee Shop On Ontario Street Gives Out Free Cake With Every Coffee

What a fun treat to eat.

Photo cred - Café Sfouf

Coffee is best enjoyed with a little something sweet on the side. Don't deny it, if you didn't have to pay extra, you'd always have a croissant, cookie, or piece of cake with your cup of Joe. A new cafe in the Village, Café Sfouf, will let you fulfill your caffeine and sweet tooth cravings all at once, offering a free piece of cake with every cup of coffee.

Eater Montreal let us know about Café Sfouf, which has been making the rounds on other blogs, not only for the free cake aspect, but also for the warm and inviting atmosphere the coffee shop emanates. Café Sfouf's goal is to be a hub for creativity and conversation, and not only food and coffee, hoping to be an artistic oasis within the metropolis of Montreal.

Café Sfouf, for those wondering, actually gets its name directly from the cake they offer to every customer. Made at Café Sfouf like they do in Lebanon, the cake is a pastry made of semolina and flour, then decorate with pine nuts. Sfouf is a spongy yet still light and moist dessert, that is also made without eggs, so it is vegan friendly. If you've never had a chance to try the dessert, heading to Café Sfouf is the perfect excuse. You'll also get to experience a new coffee shop too.

Located on Ontario and Beaudry (map) in the Village, Café Sfouf is open everyday, save Monday and Tuesdays. Get all the info at Café Sfouf's Facebook page and official website.


Photo cred - Café Sfouf

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