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OMG! Mac And Cheese Pancakes Actually Exist

Breakfast done right.

The world of food can be a strange and sometimes terrifying place. To survive you need to be okay with things like oyster foam, deep fried foie gras, and quinoa.

But there are some crazy food trends we just have to stand behind. No matter how far fetched or outside the box, some food items simply stop us in our tracks.

This is the case for this insane creation known as Mac And Cheese Pancakes. 

Now I know what you're thinking: "What the fuck is mac and cheese pancakes."

To be honest, we're not entirely sure. 

DSC_00462 (1)

Photo cred - PublicLivesSecretRecipes

According to the creator of this unholy breakfast from hell, all you need to do is make mac n cheese, stir in some flower and eggs and make regular pancakes. The recipe was created by accident while attempting to create mac and cheese flavored latkes.


Photo cred - PublicLivesSecretRecipes

If you're crazy enough to try this recipe check out

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