There's no lack of sushi variety in the world. Not only can you find thousands of different variations of sushi, you can also fun a few original formats. There's already been the the sushi burrito and the sushi sandwich and even waffle iron sushi. But now there's an even cooler way to enjoy you sushi: Cake form.

That's right some mad food scientist out there decided to layer all the delicious elements of sushi into one glorious cake. My birthday is coming up soon and I'll be really disappointed if my cake turns out to be made out of dough and frosting instead of sushi.

Making it is surprisingly easy, much easier than regular sushi anyways. Once you've assembled your desired ingredients, you just need to stack em up.

Here's how to make your own Sushi Cake

  • Take 2 sheets of nori paper and using an extremely sharp knife, cut them into circular shapes (Use a bowl as a guide)
  • Cover the the nori circles with your sushi rice
  • Add a layer of avocado
  • Top it all off with your salmon
  • 2 stack both layers on top of each other
  • Take a photo
  • Post it on Instagram
  • Eat it eventually


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