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Ever Since Epic Meal Time came up with that bacon weave they're famous for, I've been trying to think of ways to use it in other recipes. Then I found out that they already existed. There was of course the bacon weave poutine bowl and the bacon weave taco. But what about dessert? Surely there had to be a way to add this bacon weave to a dessert. Once again it turns out I was late to the party.

This is's glorious Bacon Weaved Apple Pie. It's absolute genius in it's simplicity, replacing the classic pie crusts weave with bacon, the beauty of this is that you can control your bacon to pie ratio since the bacon isn't mixed inside the the pie. And bacon lovers know nothing is more important than bacon ratios.

If you're crazy enough to try to make this here's what you'll need: Apple pie filling, pie crust, a lot of bacon, cinnamon and pie tin.

Fill the crust with your pre-made filling and get to work on that bacon weave (that's right, just like a basket but with bacon.) Bake 45 to 60 minutes at 400°F and you're done!

Click here for the full recipe

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