Photo cred - BeaverTails

For those who are familiar with BeaverTails (I'm looking at all of you), you know there's an endless amount of varieties to choose from even though 90% of people just choose banana Nutella. The thing is BeaverTails also sells poutine, not as a topping but as a side dish. But it seems BeaverTails has come to its senses and had decided to include poutine as a topping. That's right, someone who worked at BeaverTails got the long overdue idea to grab a bowl of poutine and dump on top of a plain BeaverTail to create the Poutail.

That may be the worst sounding name in the world but that won't stop us from heading down to the nearest BeaverTail location to try it out ourselves. Because eating a poutine and then eating a BeaverTail is just a waste of time in my opinion so take your chance to multitask in the most delicious of ways by having your meal and dessert at the same time.

Only one thing could be better (No, not bacon ... Okay yes, bacon but that's not the point right now) I want to take a second BeaverTail, place it on top and seal it to create some kind of giant cinnamon, poutine, BeaverTail, calzonne, pizza-pocket monstrosity. A man can dream.

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