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One word: Nutella Donut. Okay that's 2 words but I was so distracted by that picture I temporarily forgot how to count. What the hell is going on here? Have you ever seen such an abusively delicious looking ratio of donut vs filling. There must be an entire jar of Nutella injected into that thing, I wonder how the hell they even fit it all inside.

All I know is I want to buy at least 6 of these bad boys. 2 for me,  2 for a guest so they can eat it in front of me so I won't feel fat, 1 to ship to one of my enemies so they get an instant heart attack, and I'll save the last one as a weapon in case I ever get attacked in dark alley (with 2 pounds of Nutella inside it's sure to injure someone on impact)

We'd love tell you how to make them but no one on the internet was crazy enough to spread proper instructions on how to make this calorie explosion. However, we figured we could just follow a simple jelly stuffed donut recipe and swap the jelly for Nutella.

In case you're crazy enough to try it, here is such a recipe. And if you try them and survive please email me and tell me all about it.

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