More than a few people were disappointed that there were no vegan options on yesterday's  Poutine Week post. Out of 30 restos, not one had a fully vegan offering. Vegan Montrealers, we heard your cries for poutine pleasure, so we found you the Raw Vegan Poutine.

Everything about this poutine is 100% without animal products or by-products. Besides the gravy, the poutine isn't even cooked! It may seem strange, but here is the delicious breakdown:

  • French Fries  Seasoned Jicama Slices (a turnip-esque sweet root)
  • Gravy Mushroom-Onion Sauce
  • Cheese Curds Creamy Cashew-based Cheese (no dairy at all!)

Make it yourself with this recipe, and feast your eyes on the photos below!

Does this look delicious or what?

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