The world's obsession with bacon isn't slowing down as more and more traditional food items get replaced with these magical strips of awesomeness. It's not even limited to the world of savory foods, it also adapts perfectly with deserts. Bacon has replaced cannoli, cookies, ice cream sandwiches and even apple pie crusts. But looking at that pie, I'm wondering why only the top crust is made of bacon. As a matter of fact what the hell are the apples doing there?  They must be replaced.

And it looks like DasFoodTruck has beaten me to it. They decided to forget about traditional pie stuffing and instead they stuffed this pie with poutine. Bacon poutine, as if this pie didn't have enough bacon already.

Making it is easy as pie too (we need to update that expression, pie is hard to make). All you need is a lot of bacon and some poutine.

Step 1: Line your pie tray with bacon (make sure you have enough slack to wrap the top).

Step 2: Insert Poutine.

Step 3: Wrap that shit up.

Step 4: Start bakin' that bacon.

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