Bacon in grilled cheese? Been there, done that, bought a t-shirt, wore the t-shirt while eating some bacon grilled cheese, then washed it because of all the cheese and grease stains.

So yeah, we're aware the combo has been done, but this recipe is about the method more than the ingredients. Get ready for a new way to eat bacon grilled cheese, spiral-style, with these Crispy Bacon Grilled Cheese Roll Ups by Spend With Pennies.

Don't get intimidated, because these pinwheels of gustatory pleasure only take a couple extra steps, and use the same ingredients. All you'll need is some white toast bread, Kraft singles (or real cheddar if you fancy like that), plenty of bacon, and some toothpicks.

To start: remove crusts and place cheese on single slices

Roll up, seal with toothpicks, and wrap in bacon

Cook in a pan over medium heat with plenty of butter and EAT!

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