On a hot and humid day, the kind we have frequently in the summer, nothing beats iced tea. Iced Tea is the king, the magnus, the Copa das copas. We all know how to make tasty homemade iced tea: brew it hot, let it steep, refrigerate/cube it, and add ample sweetener. There's also "sun tea" which is tea brewed for an hour at lower temperature. Plenty of places featured on this list also make herbal iced tea. Finally, we looked to feature places that add special ingredients to their teas like hibiscus, ginger, lemon, and more. Tell us where the best iced tea is if we missed it!

Nos Thés

2160 St. Mathieu
Nos Thes makes great bubble tea (real tea and fruit sorbet), as well as great loose leaf iced and hot tea. You can adjust sweetness, ice level/size, in all drinks!

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Propulsion: Cantina Vegetalienne

1303 St. Catherine Est
Propulsion get's crazy with it. This is a genuinely darling and top class vegan restaurant, serving great vegan bowls, and desserts like zucchini cake with avocado icing. Aside from a good selection of teas, there's also lots of truly out of this world smoothies like ginger-cucumber, and chai-hemp.

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Caesar's Tea

977 St. Catherine (Inside Eaton Centre)
Caesar's Tea has an endless and visually appealing selection of teas. They'll pack it up for you or make it hot or cold on the spot! Often there's two iced teas of the day for sampling. Caesar's is having a deal right now: 3 free samples w/ every purchase! My personal favorites from Caesar's are Lemon Tart, Strawberry Field, Caesar's Dragon Pearls (rolled w/ two leaves and a flower).

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David's Tea

Multiple Locations
If you bring in a David's travel mug in the summer they'll give you an iced tea for $1. Only McDonald's stateside, or a can of Arizona, can tangle with that kind of value. David's also has a variety of tasty teas iced up for summer, like Watermelon Mint, Mango Fruit Punch, and Sangria.

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La Khaima

148 Fairmount St.
La Khaima was featured in MTLblog's Best Montreal West African Restaurant's for amazing North African food. La Khaima makes this list for sensational, like 5-gum sensation sensational, hibiscus iced tea and popsicles to match.

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Mamie Clafoutis

3660 rue St. Denis
Mamie is one of Montreal's premier bakeries, with fantastic, life-changing almond croissants, chocolatines, pecan/cranberry pastries, and more. Their iced tea is also legendary.

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Olive & Gourmando

351 rue Saint-Paul Ouest
Olive & Gourmando is a very quality bakery and sandwichery that also houses transcendent, resplendent, delightful ginger lemon iced tea.

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Maison de Thé Cha Noir

4646 rue Wellington
Cha Noir is one of Montreal's premier tea houses, equipped with an impressive worldwide variety, tasty truffles and pastries, and lots of teas available cold. Great spot for a summer tea in Verdun.

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Cafe Myriade

1432 rue Mackay
Cafe Myriade knows coffee better than most, they have an impressive selection of loose tea, and their iced teas ain't bad either.

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Dinette Triple Crown

6704 rue Clark
Triple Crown Dinette has some of the best fried chicken, pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and biscuits in Montreal. They also have great southern drinks w/ and w/ out alcohol. Lots of juleps, ginger beers, and boozy shakes.

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Olivier Potier

1490 rue Sherbrooke W.
This remarkable bakery and cafe does everything (from cannelles to croque monsieurs) very well, including tasty mint tea.

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Moonshine BBQ

5626 Decarie
Moonshine BBQ deserves all the praise it gets. This quality BBQ spot has a variety of homemade and flavoured iced teas, and even a homemade microbrew ale called 'Moonshine Red'.

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Restaurant Dobe & Andy

1111 St. Urbain
Dobe & Andy have great chinese dishes at affordable prices, as well as "dong-lai-cha" (cold milk tea) and "dong-ling-cha" (cold lemon iced tea).

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25 Ave. Fairmount W.
This acclaimed breakfast & brunch spot sports awesome brunch-creations like Eggs Benedict poutines, along with a slew of teas like vanilla oolong iced tea, and tons of sun teas!

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Depanneur Le Pick Up

7032 rue Waverly
Like the awesome bodega it is, Le Pick Up has amazing sandwiches, homemade hibiscus iced tea, and iced coffees.

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Restaurant L’abidjanaise

6234 Chemin de la Cote des Neiges

Restaurant L'abidjanaise serves up the tasty Ivorian dishes and has bottled homemade hibiscus iced tea and ginger tea. Long live Les Éléphants.

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Multiple Locations
Teavana has lots of good new summer tea blends (ideal for iced tea), like Raspberry Limeade, Cucumber-Melon, and Blood Orange Sorbet Oolong!

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