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Do you like ice cream? Do you like free ice cream? Of course you do. Everyone likes free ice cream, especially you. Free ice cream is delicious, and you can get your hands on some on April 8.

While it won't exactly be a heat wave next Wednesday, it's still technically springtime and springtime calls for ice cream cones of the free variety. Where can you get gratis cones of iced cream, you ask?  Answer - Vachement Bon! on the corner of Sherbrooke Street East and Saint-Denis Street.

There's only one catch, though. There's no delivery, unfortunately, which means you will have to actually turn up in person to claim your complimentary cone. But it's okay, free ice cream makes everything better.

So, if you missed Dairy Queen's free ice cream cone day, and you can't wait for Ben & Jerry's free ice cream cone day, this one's for you.

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