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For $3,500 - You Can Say Goodbye To Hydro Quebec Forever

Your prayers have been answered.
For $3,500 - You Can Say Goodbye To Hydro Quebec Forever

If you're sick and tired of paying your hydro bills, you have 2 options. You can sell your home and move into a small apartment where hydro is included in your rent, or for $3,500 you can say goodbye to Hydro Quebec forever depending on how much energy you consume.

Tesla has launched a device called Powerwall, it generates electricity using solar panels and powers your home so that you can finally be independent from the power companies. Although it still requires a source to charge. Even if you use too much electricity for the Powerwall to handle, you'll only be paying low evening rates. It comes in both 10 kWh and 7 kWh  weekly cycle models. Both are strong to power most homes during peak evening hours, but if you want to go totally off grid,  multiple batteries can be installed to provide enough energy.

As a bonus, the Powerwall stores excess energy for emergencies so when the power goes out on your street, your home will be using battery power instead.

The devices are supposed to start shipping soon and you can reserve yours here. It consists of a solar panel, a power inverted as well as a battery to store extra energy.

Check out Tesla's website for more information.

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