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For $6,000 – You'll Be Able To Say Goodbye To Hydro Quebec Forever

For $6,000 – You'll Be Able To Say Goodbye To Hydro Quebec Forever

A new product has been unveiled by Tesla this past weekend, one that could make your dependency on Hydro Quebec a thing of the past.

Solar Panels.

Now I know what you're going to say: "Jeremy you dumb shit, solar panels already exist."

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Yes that's true, but these panels are special.

They don't simply attach to your roof, they are the roof.

They're called Solar Roof Tiles, and with them you can transform your home into your very own solar energy plant.

But what makes these panels even better is the simple fact that they are more likely to be used by homeowners and builders. That's because Tesla actually took aesthetics into consideration when designing them.

via @techcrunch

No one wants to install a giant solar panel on the roof, but these tiles blend right in with the design of your home. There are even 4 different textures to choose from which include Textured Glass, Slate Glass, Tuscan Glass and Smooth Glass.

The second thing that makes these tiles worth the investment, is the durability. They are actually way tougher than regular roofing materials meaning you'll be extending the life of you roof.

Common roofing materials normally last about 20 year, but these tiles are supposed to last up to three times longer.

via @techcrunch

Pair these tiles with Tesla's Powerwall 2 battery, and you can power a standard home without ever having to worry about power outages.

As for the cost, no exact figured have been mentioned, however Elon Musk said that the cost of installing these panels would be far less than installing a regular roof and paying the electric company for power.

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