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For Those Who Want To Do A R.I.P. Status Everyday, We Got Yall

Because R.I.P. statuses are so trendy right now.
For Those Who Want To Do A R.I.P. Status Everyday, We Got Yall

While on facebook the other day a status that made us smile and also made our week was one by none other than High-Klassified who inspired the content and title on this post, and it read "FOR THOSE WHO WANTS TO DO A RIP STATUS EVERYDAY , I GOT YALL".

The hilarity in the nature of such a status got us thinking we need to share this with everyone.

We lost some big guns in the last week or so. Paul Walker, then Nelson Mandela, both of which exploded on every news feed everywhere. You couldn't escape the mass amounts of "How ironic, Paul Walker died in car crash" tweets, or all of the "Why did Mandela leave us so soon!" FB updates (for perspective, he WAS 95 people), or all of the photos of either one filling up your Tumblr dashboard.

Death is hard to deal with, and the untimely death of both icons hit hard, but do you really need to post something about it? To be fair, its not like you personally knew the guys or anything, and you're not doing anyone a service by jumping on the mourning bandwagon and blowing up our news feed with another RIP status update about Mandela or Walker. Maybe you just care too much, but what about all of the other people who died this past week?:

No one gave a mournful post when Andy Hallet (Lorne from Angel) passed away on Sunday. The same lack of treatment went out to Robert Allman, the Australian operatic baritone who died Wednesday. And no one said a thing when reggae singer Junir Murvin bit the dust.

Share the death-love people, and post a status update for EVERY celebrity death, or none at all. For those who want to do a RIP status everyday...

...we got you.

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