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Foreign Visitors Are Accusing Canadian Border Agents Of Being Racist

One officer was so rude that they made a woman pass out!
Foreign Visitors Are Accusing Canadian Border Agents Of Being Racist

When travelling through different countries, you'd automatically assume that Canadian officers would be the kindest and most helpful, at least compared to the American border police. I mean, although us Canadians are stereotyped as being too nice, it's typically true. Well, at least that's what we thought. But according to visitors coming to our coutry, not so much.

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It turns out there are at least 105 "founded" complaints that the Canada Border Services Agency is facing right now.

Not only are they dealing with backlash for being unbelievably rude to travellers, but also for claims that the border officers are racist.

When a complaint has been "founded" that actually means aspects of the allegation turned out to be true.

So there are at least 105 visitors to the country in the past year that have confirmed cases of experiencing insane rudeness or even racism from Canadian border patrol. 

According to the national co-ordinator of the Toronto-based International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group, travellers have shared that the Canadian border officers had gone as far as to question their nationality and even use derogatory words to address them.

Some of the worst reported cases will seriously have you in shock. In November of last year, one Canadian border officer yelled at a woman so violently that she ended up collapsing due to stress.

In an allegation from April of this year, another officer went as far as calling a visitor to the country "ugly" and even swore at them for no valid reason. The list of complaints continue, and it's not something any Canadian would be proud of.

At the worst of it all, travellers that did not speak English or French were flat-out denied a translator by the border security, making their entry into the country undoubtedly terrifying.

Although arguably a bit late, actions are being taken. Some are advocating for the creation of a legislation in Canada that will hold our national security agencies more accountable for their actions.

We can only hope that in the future visitors to Canada won't be berated undeservingly by Canadian border officers, and our country will once again be seen as a safe place to travel to.


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