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Forest Fires Could Cut Off Travel Across Canada

The country will be immobilized.
Forest Fires Could Cut Off Travel Across Canada

Forest fires continue to rage across the province of Ontario. As of today, Canadian officials have had to enlist the help of firefighters from the United States and as far as Mexico.

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Dry conditions and severe lightening storms are to blame. Hundreds of lightening strikes on parched vegetations have sparked dozens of blazes.

Evacuation orders are in effect across the province. 

But one area is of particular concern. According to officials, one huge patch of forest fires is raging toward the Trans Canada Highway.

Grundy Lake Provincial Park, which is adjacent to the highway, has already been evacuated and closed. If that particular stretch of the highway and adjoining train tracks are closed, it could cut off travel across Canada.

If you look at a map, the nearby Pickerel and French rivers make a simple detour away from the flames impossible.

Via Google Maps

Motorists using the Trans Canada Highway will instead have to take monumental detours that will add countless hours to their journeys. If the fires continue to spread, even those detour routes could be closed.

Passenger and cargo trains will likely face even worse routes if they are not cancelled altogether. That could have a huge impact on the Canadian economy for trains destined for Toronto and Montreal, Canada's largest port.

The international team of firefighters continue to battle the flames but warn a highway closure could be imminent.

Stay tuned.

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