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Forget Eating Healthy, Try This All-New Dumpling Restaurant In Montreal ASAP

You can always start your diet tomorrow.

Guys, if you know me even a little bit, then you know soup dumplings are my whole, entire life.

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It's to the point where, whenever someone asks me what it is I love so much about soup dumplings, I can't give them a straight answer.

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Let's just say that it's everything, friends, and especially the fact that eating a soup dumpling is an experience.

So, naturally, whenever a new soup dumpling spot pops up in Montreal, I get super, super excited.

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Just like The Dumpling Hut (3591 Rue Clark), a brand new restaurant in Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal.

The Dumpling Hut is a little bit hidden on Clark Street, so you have to know what you're looking for. But once you do find it, let me tell you, a world of dumpling delights await you.

Their dumplings are homemade, super authentic, and with skin that's just a little bit thicker than usual - which actually holds the fillings nicely.

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Although they don't have tons and tons of options, they do have the classics (like pork and chive). And everything is so good, it actually feels like a more concise menu lets them focus on perfecting every single dumpling they serve.

Good tastes ahead? You know it.

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