Forget Magazines, We Got Your 5 Top Montreal Online Fashion Destinations

Although people will never stop reading Vogue, the days of reading fashion magazines from cover to cover are slowly winding down.

Ten years ago, fashionistas would rip through their favorite fashion magazines like Elle, Glamour and InStyle. With a pair of scissors in one hand a glue stick in the other, creating a collage of photos was the best way to express your style.

In the past few years however, sales for InStyle magazine has dropped 8%, while Elle has decreased by 9% and Glamour by 17.5%.

So where have the creative minds of fashionistas gone to unleash their style opinions and fashion critiques?

BLOGS! Recently, fashion blogs have transformed themselves to fret the news stands, and literally serve as electronic fashion magazines.

Unlike fashion magazines, fashion blogs tend to be more personal, less commercial and much more diversified.

In acknowledging a new medium for fashion outlets, we've created a list of five of our favorite Montreal fashion blogs.

(1) Ton Petit Look 

(2) Montreal in Fashion

(3) Fashionista 514

(4) Dentelle & Fleurs

(5) The Montreal Fashion Blog

For discovering trends and exploring the Montreal fashion scene, a visit to these blogs is a must!